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Acoustic Transducers and Vibrational Energy in Artificial Intelligent Androids

Is it possible to use acoustic transducers and vibrational energy inside artificial intelligent robotic systems and androids? Why can't we use the energy from the CPU and robotic machinery within the robot its self to power up LED chips and lights on the robot? This of course speaks to energy efficiency and the conservation of energy. If we do not use the vibrational energy inside the artificial intelligent robotic androids, which we will be creating the next couple decades to work alongside humans as assistants and consumer models to do household chores, then we will be wasting the energy we use to power up these units. That means we will need larger batteries, longer charging times and less features and capabilities.Yet if we use the vibrational energies, which these robotic systems will create to power up additional features, we can extend the useful life between recharging for a more robust robotic system with better capabilities and energy efficiency. Additionally, the lighter we make our artificially intelligent robotic androids in the future be easier it will be to control their mobility and the last energy they will expend in completing the tasks that we humans will assign them.Each robotic android model will have various systems inside such as sensors, computer brains, power units, batteries and data storage just like our current computers.

Between each one of these units or components we should have a thin and taunt film to collect the vibrational energy. We must then use that vibrational energy to power up low-powered components such as LED lighting and chips, which in turn will run other systems. Consider this in 2006.

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