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Abatement Algorithm for Computer Cache Acceleration

For computers to run at optimum often they need to dump the cache in short-term memory. But how does a computer decide what to keep and delete? Sure, yes you can set preferences on larger systems to help them run better and even on your own PC you can establish part of your hard drive as virtual memory.You can adjust your Internet Settings for storage too and there are other things you can do.

But if you had a sub-hard drive area to put temporary stuff you might need but seldom used and you had an abatement algorithm to comb thru your memory cache then you could speed your system up so that it allocated first priority data. And for you little PC you might say so what?.Indeed I here you, but lets now consider a Net-Centric Warfare system, with many smaller units running their own systems and perhaps temporarily autonomous due to operations beyond line of sight or in temporary radio silence. Now then all data collected is important but a first light or first communication opportunity the most importation data needs to be sent quickly to insure it gets through and then stored on the hard drive, while the less important data could be sent back the memory and sent at next light.

Lets us also consider these types of strategies for artificial intelligent robotic systems, space operations and other critical needs. Thinking out loud here, no need to read too much into this, my goal is to propel thought in your strategic mind. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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