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The Top Ten Tips For College Success - Making the adjustment to college life can be difficult for almost any age level, but especially for those just out of high school.

Offensive Swarm Deformation When Under Defensive Barrage Fire - When using robotic artificial intelligent war fighters of the future swarming strategies will indeed continue to rule the modern battlespace.

IT International Trade Negotiation Artificial Intelligent Computer - As artificial intelligent computer programmers work hard to create systems, which can think, adapt and react to any situation; we are finding that the number of applications and potential uses for such systems spans the entire gamut of the human e.

Associative Archiving in Artificial Intelligence - For artificial intelligence to work in many different situations and to learn from each situation which it encounters we need to consider associative archiving when similar data is encountered thru sensors.

Tunneling Robots Applications and Logistics - Is it possible to use tunneling robots to attack the enemy and protect our troops while in combat in urban settings? That is to say to tunnel under an insurgent, an enemy or an international terrorist?s location and then attack.

Your Exam Results Are You in a Riverboat or a Sea Worthy Vessel - How well are you preparing yourself for your voyage into major exams? Are you using your time, money, and resources in the best possible way to get great exam results? Or are you rushing through, hoping that on test day you?ll somehow manage?

Abandoned Ballast Action Plans and Strategies - Ships have ballast tanks, which take on water in far away ports and then dump the ballast in other ports.

Reading to Your Kids Challenge Your Assumptions - Even before she was born, I imagined snuggling close with my daughter, Katie, and reading to her.

Trends in Asteroid Defense of Earth - In July of 2005 we shot and hit a Comet and blew a hole in the side.

Look Out Space Junk O Clock - The future of Space is now upon us as the fledgling space industry gets started.

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