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Straight Talk on Highly Selective Colleges - An important question: how important is it to get into a really competitive school?.

Continuing Professional Education a Must in Todays Work Climate - The dramatic shift in employment patterns in the past decade, and particularly in the past five years, has dealt a blow to the American workforce.

Radiation and LongTerm Space Flight - If mankind is to safely travel too and from other nearby Planets like Mars and eventually far beyond, then a solution to the radiation problem must be found.

PreBachelor - The program should be one term, two terms or three terms (1 year).

You Too Can Be A Foreign Exchange Student - Have you ever wondered why there are so many foreign students at your school, college or university? Have you considered the possibility of you studying abroad as part of you studies? .

Civil War Uniforms Universal Tips on HOW TO Choose Accurateyet Inexpensive Buttons - Civil War Uniforms: 9 Universal Tips on HOW TO Choose Accurate yet Inexpensive Buttons By Paula and Coach McCoach http://www.

Higher Education Finding The Right College For You - If you are approaching the end of high school and are ready to begin investigating colleges, there are several factors to consider before deciding what college is right for you.

Scholarships not Working for You Neither Huh - We're going to college, and we need cash.

College Freshman Pitfalls to Avoid - A person?s education is actually never completed.

Abandoned Anchor Retrieval RFID System - There will be times when an anchored ship in the US Military needs to move fast and go after a rapidly increasing situation and task which must be accomplished immediately.

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