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Student Loan Consolidation Dont Procrastinate - Perhaps you were the student who waited until the last minute to cram for finals or routinely rolled out of bed five minutes before morning classes began.

What Is School Accreditation - In general terms, accreditation is the means by which a school is officially recognized as a provider of a satisfactory education that public institutions (i.

Making Your Child A Part Of The Homeschooling Process - There are a myriad of different reasons why people choose to homeschool their children: there is the economic benefit of avoiding high private school fees; there is the convenience of scheduling schooling around other family activities etc.

How Too Get The Most Out Of Class - Some students spend too much time studying because they did not take the time to learn what was being taught in class the first time.

Copyright In The Classroom - Fact #1- The "Fair Use" part of the US Copyright Law says that in most cases you can allow your students to use copyrighted material such as songs, photos, and other media as long as the finished product is not going to be reproduced and distributed.

Info Event Open University Duisburg - Copyright 2006 Stefan Kelber.

Be Thankful For Grammar - I never thought I'd say this, but I'm thankful for grammar.

Do You Have What It Takes To Home School Your Child - Are you and your children cut out for home school? Homeschooling your own child has its advantages and disadvantages, but with total control you have the flexibility to teach your child values that cannot be taught in a public classroom.

Painting Books Drive into the world of creativity - We all like being creative.

Graphomotor Skills Why Some Kids Hate To Write - DESCRIPTION OF GRAPHOMOTOR SKILLS.

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